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Instructions for Registration:

1. Visit to complete your online sports registration.

2. Visit to print and complete the appropriate medical form. (Printed forms can also be picked up from the Athletic Office, Room 184)

3. Drop off your completed form to the Athletic Office. You also have the option to submit your physical by uploading it to your Family ID registration or emailing it but please note that we cannot accept PICTURES of your form. Electronic copies must be in a scanned, printable PDF Format.

4. Join the Google Classroom of the sport you are interested in

Explanation of Forms:

PPE Medical Packet: Pre-participation Physical Exam (PPE) Forms are to be used by students who need to provide a valid physical exam that will be performed by your primary physician. “Valid” is defined as a medical exam that has been conducted within 364 days prior to the official season start date for the sport they wish to participate. (Official season start dates are posted on our website). Please be advised that physical forms handed in from other physicians are required to be approved by our school physician.

The HHQ (Health History Questionnaire): is to be used by students who already have a “Valid” physical exam on file with us that has been conducted within 364 days prior to the start of the season & has been approved by our school physician.

Registration and submission of forms must be completed by the deadline date in order to be cleared to participate on the first day of practice

Any questions, please feel free to call the athletic office at 201-646-7940 or email

We look forward to your participation in our athletic program!

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